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Qallout News: Fighting for survival

I started Debate Dojo because Qallout re-kindled my love of online debate. It is a cool site with a great mission, but it is in danger of disappearing as I write this.

What Happened?

Qallout was created as a business venture. The vision was a big one, a site that would bring intelligent and civil discussion to the masses. A place for valuable and meaningful discussions rather than flaming and trolling. Their business model required a rate of membership and use that simply didn’t take place. While Qallout developed a cadre of dedicated fans, it didn’t attract the scale of audience needed to become a phenomenon. As a result, the owners decided the venture was not going to work and announced that they were turning their attention elsewhere.

Qallout Afterlife?

Despite its failure as a business, the owners were fond of the mission and the fans they had accumulated. And the fans were fond of Qallout as well. The owners agreed to a proposal. If the fans could raise the money needed to pay for the sites hosting and bandwidth, they would agree to keep the site running, though with minimal administration.

So the hope is that while Qallout the world-changing business may be a fallen dream, Qallout the clubhouse for meaningful live video debating may yet have a future. If, and only if its users can sustain it.

What can you do?

The best thing you can do to keep Qallout alive is to join its Patreon group and make a monthly contribution. If we can reach our goal of a mere $300 a month, then we can keep the site going and pay its bills. You can also contribute by joining in our fan-run tournaments. $10 is enough to get you in the event, and half the pot goes to keep the site running.