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Site Profile: Forensics

Forensics is a simple website that offers a paid service to forensic tournament organizers and coaches. It’s also a decent place to find a list of local upcoming forensic tournaments.

In a Nutshell

  • View a list of upcoming forensic tournaments
  • Host your forensic tournaments using their software

Dojo Rating:  Worthy (4 ninja stars)

Since I’ve not used their services, it’s difficult to judge the value of the site. That said, it seems very easy to use and provides good information on events.

Their Mission

They provide debate organizers with logistical assistance through software registration and tracking.

What They Offer a Debater

There isn’t a great deal here for the average debater. Its focus is on helping coaches and event organizers.

That said, it does make it easy to contact event organizers and see what schools and teams are participating. It’s great if you are looking to be a judge or you want to network in the forensic community. It also has some potential for scouting the competition.

Debate Dojo Assessment

We really like the clean interface and the simplicity of this site. It seems like a great resource for tournament organizers and handy for folks looking to make contact with them.