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Site Profile: iDebate

iDebate is the website of IDEA (International Debate Education Association). Their stated mission is: “To give young people a voice through education, debate and by raising their awareness about worldwide issues.”

In a Nutshell

  • Educational resources on debate
  • Library of curated debate topics and arguments
  • A support network for school and community debate organizations

Dojo Rating:  Fantastic (5 ninja stars)

What they Offer

iDebate is focused on educational resources for young debaters. One of the more compelling features is its database of debate resolutions and pro/con positions for each. This “debatebase” has more than 1,400 debates as of this writing. Each is easy to digest and includes balanced arguments on both sides of the position. It’s a great place for anyone to get started on a given topic.

They also feature community news from around the world and other resources for young debaters. While the site is still active, the level of activity appears to be relatively low with news posts every couple of months. It’s a great resource, but not a very lively community hub.

Debate Dojo Assessment

The debatebase feature is the highlight of this site. It’s a very useful resource and a great place to look for ideas. We also love the spirit of this site and its international focus. We’d love to see more activity here and participation from educational debate groups around the world.