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Site Profile (Closed): Online Debate Network ODN

Update:  ODN appears to be closed as of January 2020

In a Nutshell

  • Freeform forum debates
  • Strict rules of decorum and behaviour with a focus on a quality argument
  • A stalwart community of dedicated debaters and thinkers

Dojo Rating:  Excellent (4 ninja stars)

Their Mission

ODN’s tagline is “The forge of reason.” They seek to provide a place for serious debaters and thinkers to come and hash out any and all topics of interest. Their focus is on creating an environment of rigorous thinking and a civil exchange of views. Online Debate Network is a privately owned site that is largely run by its long-term members.

What They Offer a Debater

Online Debate Network has a large number of forums for debating a huge range of topics. While the UI is not fancy, it gets the job done in allowing you to create a new discussion or jump into an ongoing one. The site has extensive rules for etiquette which are policed by the long-term staff and users of the site.

There are also forums for more casual discussions, news, and off-topic interests.

One thing I like about classic forums is it is easy to find topics.

Debate Dojo Assessment

ODN has been around for a good long time. The atmosphere is that of a small debate club consisting of seasoned veterans. I was an avid debater on the site for a very long time and greatly enjoyed arguing on ODN. The commitment to quality and to keeping out trolls and troublemakers is admirable. Most debates are long-form discussions that can go on for dozens of pages, digging into every aspect of a given topic.

ODN is expected to undergo a significant re-design and technology upgrade in the near future. They hope to expand their user base in the process and re-kindle excitement for the site. None the less, despite its small population of regulars, you are sure to find some challenging and interesting debate on ODN.

Check it out

ODN Home Page